The Dormant Acrimony

by Anthropomorphic Soul

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The Dormant Acrimony is being released shortly prior to
the concept album All Hail the Sun of Nothing,
as a different side of the same coin that is
Anthropomorphic Soul.
This release has received a proper mix and mastering
polishing, courtesy of Carlos Barbosa, a gifted and
respected guitar player (Final Mercy) and soon to be
known producer in the small Portuguese metal circles.

The Dormant Acrimony is a random display of feelings, beliefs
and general madness. Contrary to the album with which will be paired,
it is not a concept album but a scarse attempt to achieve a
somewhat heavier and more direct sounding.
If Anthropomorphic Soul is all about experimenting,
this is the album where that is less noticeable.

Anthropomorphic Soul's goal is to become a respected source
of experimentation, novelty and a bridge to sheer bizarre
approaches on death metal. I aim to create a different but
recognizable sound within the metal sphere. In that aspect,
the motivators and muses are many, but include Death, Arcturus,
Pan-Thy-Monium, Devin Townsend, Sepultura, Obituary, Septic
Flesh, Thy Catafalque, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator,
Gentle Giant, John Zorn, The Monolith Deathcult, Devil Doll,
Insahn, The Ocean and so many others...

The album is available for FREE download, but if you like it, please feel free to contribute and support the artist.


released February 21, 2015

Nuno Lourenço - All Instruments, vocals, programming

Carlos Barbosa - Guitar solo on tracks 3 & 6
Bill Black - Clean vocals & Guitar solo on track 9



all rights reserved


Anthropomorphic Soul Quinta Do Conde, Portugal

Hailing from Portugal, I am an old, almost bald and semi fat bastard who was a metalhead already in the 80's, so the younger generations call me a Dinossaur...or maybe its just because of my roar!!

I am poor and limited in gear, so dont expect pristine production, just creative and fucking heavy music.
I hope you enjoy!
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Track Name: Cotard Delusion
the world is a mist
the soul a fog
the heart is still beating
but I cannot hear it

the pain is the only real thing
yet is comfortably numb

I am not here at all
all frontiers to reality vanished
while unveiling the obnoxious void
where I stand
but absent
but dreaming

the pain is the only real thing
yet is comfortably numb

I am not here at all
people around are fractions of imagination
who speak to me in foreign tonges
and in purgatory
in eerie delusion
but dreaming

the pain is the only thing I feel
while dwelling
on my comfortable numbness
the pain is no longer intrusive
the pain is me
the pain is death
Track Name: Feel Like a Praying Mantis in a Swarm of Locust
I see worms coming off my flesh
when I look at pictures of me
and in the mirror
there is no reflection
there is no refraction
all is black
all is absence

I dream of maggots swallowing my every bit
as I lay down in binding surrender
and looking up
i contemplate abyss-like skies
falling over mankind
cocooned as infinite sorrow

I feel like a praying mantis
in a swarm of locust

I should be god
among insects
I should be poetry
sung by the damned
while they burn at the stake

I should be praised
in the psalms of the unwritten gospels
my name whispered
in the walls of the akashic room
that none will impinge

and I am just
a praying mantis
in a swarm of locust
Track Name: Dark Dream Hymn
The shylock of time sails his ship within narrow cliffs
and waters run as fast as Hanneman riffs
the ship is sooner or later doomed to sink
counting the moments to engage that mystery link

The prophets of light follow all of your steps
they have the right words, but only you have the maps
to the fiery gates of the eternal jailhouse - death
the gobler of souls inexorably claims the final breath

So then...
i saw fire bursting in the skies above
tormenting our truth, sacrifying our love
underneath the sacred towers we cry
the awakening is lost, but at least we tried

wearing the cloth of illusion
dreams are meant to be crushed
and all we hail is dellusion

we want to conquer all the mysteries
but nightmares are gushed
and flood all our imagined sceneries

The visions of bodies in insane rituals for survival
yet nothing to do when death discloses its arrival

The mutating cells confront our deepest fears
the terminal gaze is set in a labyrinth of tears

We heard your voiceless hymns
and ritual chantings
We called upon the power
and in the last moments
we raised our voices in unison
and sung the glories of the thousand immortal suns
Track Name: The Creature
Now I'm on the edge of the cliff and I will not fly
as the sublime creature shows off in stratospheric bright
the emerald feathers as tentative arms
I see no wings as I hunch
and on the glass water down below
I see no hope, no reflexion of me

The creature exclaims: this is
the power of thunder!, and points
to a muted blue hole in the walls of stone.
But I go back to the silent sound of the city
where all the faces are inventory lined paper
and people blindly walk, in relief, in blood.
Silence grows as lips are silenced, sealed and melted
and the light turns into quicksand
this we know without conscience
as we stand at the gates of thunder

And the creature throws us a nude compact god of fire
and laughs histerically
Track Name: I Am Null
what you see is but a shadow of me
i am null
this is my sub-zero

what you needed was a machine
with no will
nothing but a zero
so here you have it
i am null
this is my empty carcass

i was once
a full person
i was once free
now i am this shadow
sad parody of human
emotionally draught
emotionally exhausted

so what you have now is this shadow of me
this empty shell
this full void

and i hope you are happy with the choice you've made
Track Name: Had I Not Known That I Was Dead Already
Hôjô Ujimasa1

Autumn wind of eve,
blow away the clouds that mass
over the moon's pure light
and the mists that cloud our mind,
do thou sweep away as well.
Now we disappear,
well, what must we think of it?
From the sky we came.
Now we may go back again.

Ota Dokan3
Had I not known
that I was dead
I would have mourned
my loss of life.

Minamoto Yorimasa2
Like a rotten log
half buried in the ground -
my life, which
has not flowered, comes
to this sad end.

Ôuchi Yoshitaka4
thus should we view the world.

Shiaku Nyûdo5
Holding forth this sword
I cut vacuity in twain;
In the midst of the great fire,
a stream of refreshing breeze!
Track Name: The Small Everything
You condemn me to live the big nothing
I prevail to live the small everything

but let me assure you
a vacant stare does not mean emptiness
a cursed word does not reflect rudeness
a closed heart does not mean unkindness
a brute response does not reflect crudeness

this is just how I deal with you
and your thirst for control,
your quenching lust for power

your overflowing eyes
and ensnaring words
your open heart
and gentle addressing
are nothing but cloaks

your epic masquerade
vests in crooked lies
your bigot carnival
set to entrap and imprison
the whole of humanity

you condemn me to live the big nothing
I prevail to live the small everything

you condemn me to live the big nothing
I prevail to live the small everything

So let me enlighten you
My stare is packed and credible
and my cursed word has a solid purpose
my heart is open and reachable
and my response is solely tenacious