Back to Death (EP)

by Anthropomorphic Soul

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Following my policy of every release being completely different from the previous, I wanted to do some more pure Death Metal for a change, leaving aside my more experimental side.

Truth be told, some of the tracks are clearly inspired by Obituary's "The End Complete". That one is still one of my all time fav Death Metal Albums.


This album is downloadable for free but please donate as you see fit if you enjoy the music. If I may dare suggest a pricing scheme to help out a fellow metalhead:

Low budget = 1-2 EUR
Average budget = 3-4 EUR
High budget = 5-6 EUR

And please tell everyone to download from the official sources only.
Or if you're in a sharing blog or site, please point to this page instead of depositfiles, rapidshare and the likes...this music is offered for free anyway.


released April 7, 2015

Nuno Lourenço - all instruments & Vocals

Mattos Maul - Guitar solos on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5; spoken word on track 3
Dimitri Pourille - guitar solos on track 4



all rights reserved


Anthropomorphic Soul Quinta Do Conde, Portugal

Hailing from Portugal, I am an old, almost bald and semi fat bastard who was a metalhead already in the 80's, so the younger generations call me a Dinossaur...or maybe its just because of my roar!!

I am poor and limited in gear, so dont expect pristine production, just creative and fucking heavy music.
I hope you enjoy!
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Track Name: Slow it Down, Oh Lord
In the procession of the penitents
The high priests of the austere life
they're marching glad and well adorned
Over the ashes of the sacrificed
they grin while singing praises
to their satisfied God
slow it down, oh Lord
And pity the dead
who praise you
In their quiet sleep
In the procession of the penitents
sinners guilty of gluttony
guilty of sensuality
Punished to the marrow
lukewarm and dubious in love
Immaculate as the Creator
guilty of abstinence
Let them blame their shortcomings
slow it down, oh Lord
And pity the dead
who praise you
In their quiet sleep
In the procession of the penitents
Men slice their own flesh
burning it as an offer to heaven
to the highest of all heavens
in the procession of the penitents
men drink sips of their bitter drink
convulse and vomit the gobbled urine
to feel blessed by the darkest of nights
in the procession
of the penitents
they Eat apportions of curdled blood
harvested by the bleeding of other pilgrims
gently mutilated
blandly amputated
while singing praises
to God
Track Name: The End Complete
(Spoken word - intro)

At the doorsteps of the dark gates
a Mechanical Angel stands motionless
with the sword of devastation in his left hand.
It’s a cold, ruthless Angel
That has not descent from the sky
on a crystal sharp lightning bolt
dressing wings of apotheosis.
Nor has he descent from the Moon
sliding graciously on the hair
of the Goddess of the Occult Sun.
This time around, Men has not praised to God
To create him in the realms of the Stars.
Men begot him here on Earth
Within the furnaces of the mines mire
Where only death exist in the coil’s lubricous tears
He has forged it with the crushed bones
Of a skeptical and void World
Where Men figures fighting as the best solution
to rule over ecomomic power
He has forged it at his own image
With frigid stare and technological muscles
while petroleum blood runs in his veins.
It’s an Iron Angel
Frozen by the deafening cry of millions of souls
And it stands right there, merciless and ruthless
waiting for the flood of emptiness
that will wash your mankind shores
With the cities smog in his eyes
And the diamond engine in his heart
Continuously pulsing for Mankind

(Main theme)
bLord of the Earth
Holy Majesty
Grey Victorian Dove
Lord of trade, of sell, of cheating
Lord of plume, of gold, of silk
Lord of knowledge
God of merchandize
Merchant of Souls
Usurer of the Demon in the face of God
Master of the money, of the sweat
Of the Holy War, of the ordainer
Lord of the impossible, of the Spaceship
Of the fire in the forges
Of the Iron, of the Cold
Of the darkness populated by serpents
Lord, I write to Thee!!
From Carthago, Peloponeso, Jerusalem
From Sadova, from Lepanto
From the trenches of Verdun
From the sand of El-Alamein
From the Cliffs of Normandia
From the fire in the forest
From the cold in the Steppe
From the bottom of the Ocean
I write to tell you
I was Gloriously….

(Spoken word - outro)

He stands right there, motionless and patient
waiting for the wave of bitterness
In the frozen complexity of a million washed brains
that in his barbed wire hair, stars were sewed and aligned
to captivate the stare of Manking
into the news he treacherously conceals
The end complete