All Hail the Sun of Nothing

by Anthropomorphic Soul

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This is Experimental Metal!
It is avant-garde, not symphonic. So if you happen to be listening to strange layers of different melodies, don’t think its an abnormality or an incapacity to discern from my part. If you don’t like it, say it, but at least judge it for what it is: an experimental metal work.

It is also a work of love for music. It is the showing of a learning process, as it has being recorded since my very early steps, 3 years ago. All I ask is for you to listen to it with open mind and understanding that it was never my objective to make it less than an adventurous, complex, challenging piece of music.
I especially think it’s an out-of-place artifact in the metal scene in Portugal.

I can only tell you that, as I was recording it, this album reflected exactly what I was trying to achieve. And with the help of two good friends and awesome musicians (Mattos Maul & Paulo Chagas), I felt accomplished musically when I finished it.

Finally, this album will have a very limited, 50 hand-numbered cd’s, edition. I intend to make this edition a collector’s item, and it will mostly be offered to my friends and people who have supported me thus far. There will be 25 to 30 copies available for buy . So please only apply to them if you really like the album, and have the will to pay the price I’m asking.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy some odd, experimental metal.

I hail you, supporter!


released November 5, 2015

anthropomorphic soul is:

nuno lourenco

all music & lyrics
growls, guitar, bass, programming,
keys & orchestrations, fx and overall madness

mattos maul

guitar soloing on parts 2,5,6,7 & 10
clean vocals on parts 6, 7 & 10
keyboard soloing on part 7
fx on part 3

paulo chagas

sax on parts 3 & 6
flute on part 4
clarinet on part 5

please visit and like:

recorded between march 2013 and july 2015



all rights reserved


Anthropomorphic Soul Quinta Do Conde, Portugal

Hailing from Portugal, I am an old, almost bald and semi fat bastard who was a metalhead already in the 80's, so the younger generations call me a Dinossaur...or maybe its just because of my roar!!

I am poor and limited in gear, so dont expect pristine production, just creative and fucking heavy music.
I hope you enjoy!
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Track Name: Part 1, Outside the Labyrinth
In this promontory where I stand, hoovering on the cliffs that put me closer to the sky,
while one step forward will see me fly deep in the abysm.
I feel the top of the world on the breeze that caresses me.
Here all the colors are drawn around me, tangenting me in wild flirts of the cornucopia breath,
and the blue waters of the ocean ensnare me to take the dive.
Another blue often dresses in white clouds, which fade into gray tones and soft orange
in the distant line of the horizon.
Here my smile is real, is unconscious, gently outlining my lips from within,
from well inside.
And so true, so contrary to most sparse smiles we experience ourselves
in the labyrinth of our social lives, and we always fail to see them in others,
while they rush and moan, caught up like flies in their own spider web.
And here, before the most haunting scenery, I feel the deepest misunderstanding of others.
And looking puzzled at their leakage towards the place where they feel safe,
day after day after day ... What is that, which they wrongly perceive as their stronghold?!
Track Name: Part 2, Feeling Overwhelmed
can't understand why they only feel warmth and security
where they can grin their interior smiles.
hidding away from the disturbing weight
of the hustle and bustle of their lives.
often forgetting that true freedom,
true happiness and adventure is in their grasp:
in the contemplation of the beautiful and pure,
in the fragile balance of a place where a single step,
consciously taken or begot by a strong wind, a strong force
launches us in the eternal flight
in a superb final moment of freedom, our own.

this is the frail equilibrium where we cling to life.
feeling overwhelmed, even for seconds of fascination,
internalization and absorption
of a selfish and solitary beauty that exists,
and it will, without end,
far beyond the horizon that the restricted eye can reach
but therein lies the truth...
imagination can always outweigh the wish
Track Name: Part 3, The Astronaut
i came to this place to escape
a life of everlasting scrape
truth is, i simply cannot relate
to that prison you call fate
the routine of overwhelming weight

abiding to the pointless scenery
where all i see are empty faces
anaesthetized by established slavery.

and i always confront vague stares
filled with nothing but naked emotions.
dwelling upon their own nightmares

and all voices are set to mute
and kept in the verge of unbreakable violence
hiding away their disdain and dispute,
as unrestrained anger kept in silence.

i realize it’s time to break that fetter
and escape the fate that invoke my decline,
voracious in its eagerness, relentless fetcher
to feed from one more soul, mine.

that i will not allow
i will not bow
for i have become aware of it,
of its unyielding appetite,
creeping from its elusive bait.

and i’ll share this awakening call,
screaming it loud to impeach the fall
in the downfall lair that society forges
loathing all, as at freedom it scorns
suppresses men and all energy gorges.
enthralling all in its virulent thorns

but when i speak of liberation, of being free
they call me an astronaut, that's what i claim to be.
nothing more than an astronaut, in stealth flight
trying to escape the tangible reality that all plight,
all of them wearing in shades of black,
as i persevere to get some colors back

building wings of wax like icarus,
which will inevitably burn one day,
crushing my soul in despondency
for raised in the shoulders of our decay
is the cruel abyss of urban dependency.
Track Name: Part 4, In My Darkest Moments
in my darkest moments
in me there is no one,
and all is mist
and all is void

as life takes what it gives,
i wish that if, for a moment,
where I'm grounded, i could see
the distant horizon in a flash
the sun at its full, the moon at its crescent

and i could then relive, exist, and know.

and even if i feel numb and accommodated
in the illusion that i tend to forget,
thus forgetting myself and all that is.
I want nothing more nor i ask
for anything at all.

i simply give my heart away
and wear my wings of wax
hailing the space that is between us
hailing all that is
all there is to know
never to forget
never to fade away again
in the oblivious chasm
of my darkest moments
Track Name: Part 5, Reborn, Restart
At every flight I haul myself
Trialling the infinity of emotions there are,
And astride on the wings I have built
my life will be reborn and restarted

To finally understand the place
that I’ll sense is home
the place that others hold in contempt
when shouting in schizophrenic uproar about my insanity
Yet with voices that echo loudly
In the shatter-proof glass of their own locked down prison
With each new flight I’ll verve on a new life
In the unexplored and unexplained space
That solely offers us the oxygen to inhale
Letting us architecture all textures and landscapes,
Like a blank scrapbook that we’ll paint
only restricted by the colours of our imagination
Experience what so few dream about
Regardless of always being there, at their fingertips
Unquestionable presence, yet oblivious
Ostracised by their blindness
that systematically lock themselves
Into themselves
I’ll learn to explore,
I’ll learn to discover
What is unique, transcendental, mystical
As a wish fulfilled,
Inexorable, unstoppable and stirring

A warrior of soul I'll be
An outcast, a pariah
but at the face of my detractors
I'll swing my wings
and dance the Haka
Track Name: Part 6, The Thorns of Loneliness
I look down, in full flight,
allergic to the abiding underlying fight
and below loneliness is revealed,
like a wound that has never healed.

Menacing vigorously
even if undetected.
Gathering the pack zealously
blindingly incarcerated

It patiently awaits my landing,
to treacherously embrace me
with it's strong and rugged tongs,
that swiftly enthrals my soul.

Moulding its thorns around my flesh,
never to let go.
Drenching my unconscious aisle
never to let go.
Track Name: Part 7, As Opposed to Narrowness
(Intro – Spoken word)
In each new flight I experience love, laughter, hope,
adrenaline, intensity, novelty and happiness: I experience life!
So why call me an astronaut, when not having the slightest perception
that it is actually a compliment to the vastness of emotions that I experience?!
The myriad of landscapes that dazzle me!?
As opposed to the narrowness of a futile, merely "earthly" existence?!
And without knowing that their complaints and accusations
are only a hymn to their dull and tightly framed existence.
And without knowing that many have already passed the point of no return,
without having ever worn at least once their own wings of Icarus.

Awakened from the lethargy
I sense life in my veins
transposing into energy
all this sorrow that remains

No more shall I endure
the flattening of emotions
I am bound to ensure
put to practice all these notions

Awakened I now stand
I see all there is to gain
still time left to mend
the wrong path built in pain

And see the myriad of landscapes
that dazzle me
In the wake of the frail joy
that embrace me

So go on and call me that
Astronaut I am and therefore I'll be
while you stand in ground that's flat
I'll spread my wings and fly free

I'll be there to kiss the Sun
Even if condemned to burn
While you stand, I must run
from the point of no return
Track Name: Part 8, Asas Sobre o Mundo
Track Name: Part 9, They All Hail the Sun of Nothing
My destiny is to be the Astronaut,
discover planets that lurk astray
in the vacuum of infinity.

My only wish is to be that Astronaut
I rather leave while many others stay
in the numbness of their fallacy

And if that one last flight I'll make
has the coordinates that lead me in the path of the sun,
at least I know I'll have sublimed this path,
made out of memories that exclude all wrath.

I rather be truthful than fake
all things are lost 'till you feel you've won
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and I'll be warmer while you're getting colder.

And when I get to my destination, burned in the great fiery storm,
I'll know I have seen the soul of the Sun,
which to those who point their finger at me and criticize,
is just the sun of nothing they hail.

They All Hail the Sun of Nothing
Unknowing it is everything!
They All Hail the Sun of Nothing
Unwilling to take the risk and discover
The Sun is the supreme architect of their existence.
Track Name: Part 10, Imploding the Lighthouse of Delusional Dreams
(mellow part)
I climbed the top of my slender lighthouse tower,
Through stairs of hope and dreamlike utopia
But the tower was made of smoke, mist and moonlight
The tower was built on wax, just like my wings
I spoke to all the poets of invisibility,
Telling them my dreams, my random verses
The illusions I had, the aspirations
Unwilling to accept that they all fled or died
We were all children once,
Growing in the halo of a dream
That was broken, devastated
By the grasping claws of adulthood

(heavy part)
The inner self was trying to fly, too hardly
on the shoulders of the wild, freedom call
but the flight was radically interrupted
by the strains, the handcuffs of reality

And all poets were then silenced, sadly
They could not feed my soul any more
inescapably lost, crushed and enslaved
and made to Hail the sun of nothing

I was alone in my odyssey, madly
thought the universe was my oyster, fool
but the berating jaws of slavery penned me,
back to its perpetual subjugation

established for us to be hollow, vacuous
for us to Hail the Sun of Nothing!

(third section)

Still I was free for a moment
I lurked away from the crowd
unchained briefly from this torment
to which I never bowed

into nothingness I now fade away
I will disappear into the throng
knowing my soul will not be astray
for I have seen where I belong!